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Grower Support

We offer close circle growing contracts for Peas and Faba Bean Production.​


We are always looking for smaller sized seed production, 5-65 acres with premium pricing. For contract details please be in touch either per email to our team or give us a call.

We offer first right of refusal contracts on Green Peas, AAC Radius and sell other seed on a cash bases.​

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We thought to give you a brief advise on common points of "do" and "not to do" that you are probably aware of, but stressing them again may save you from long-term problems on your farm.

Your soil is a very complex system that has developed over many thousand years and our farming practises only have influenced it over the past 50 to 100 years.

Keep in mind:

  • crops of the same species should only be grown on the same land every 4 - 6 years. This means if you have grown alfalfa, peas, beans or any other legume on one piece of land, 4 - 6 years should pass until you grow this type again. This also holds true for any other crop except corn, where a mono-culture is possible, but should be avoided from plant health perspectives

  • the above facts hold also true for wheat, barley, brassicas (rape seed, canola, mustard, etc.) or any other of our field crops

  • cash returns per acre are important, but long term sustainability is the most important factor and soil health is key to this

  • minimum tillage on grain farms are one important key to save and make money

  • on farms that produce root crops like potatoes, sugar beets etc. tillage is part of the production, but should be kept to a minimum in the rotational 'non-root crop years'


All thus factors need to be realized when cover crops, green manure, plow-down crops are considered and a long term plan for particular species are made.

Phacelia (California Bluebell) offers a very interesting alternative, because it is not related to any of our common farm crops.

We buy pulse crops on the open market depending on demand.


We are always looking for Faba Beans (high germination!), Chickpeas (Kabuli Type), Green Peas and occasionally yellow peas. Supplying us with representative samples of products you have for sale is important and will speed up the process.

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