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Our production area is southern Alberta, Canada. The production is exclusively on irrigated land fed through a vast amount of rivers, canals and pipelines. The water originates in the peaks and foothills of north Americas highest mountains, we call 'Rockies' and is fed with natural precipitation and snow melt from the Canadian Rockies providing a unique base for producing prime product with supreme taste and rich in minerals.

Unlike the American Midwest, where irrigation depends so heavily on dwindling groundwater resources, Alberta's irrigation water comes from its rivers. Through a diverse irrigation infrastructure, spring precipitation and mountain snow melt is channeled, stored and later put to use in the more arid parts of the province, where it's most needed. Learn more about irrigation in Southern Alberta by exploring the links below.

This river, canal and reservoir system has also created enormous environmental systems for birds & wildlife.

The irrigated area in Alberta is nearly 700.000 ha or 1.730.000 acre growing a wide range of specialty drops like potatoes, sugar beets, sweet corn, silage, beans and .... peas!

We offer premium service and thrive to fulfill all your specifications whether it relates to product preparation, bag size, routing or documentation. We are here to serve you.

Irrigation in Southern Alberta

The Bow River feeding our irrigation system

Pivot irrigation system

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