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Both are for sprouting, fresh market and freezing.

The vining cultivars grow thin tendrils from leaves that coil around any available support and can climb to be 1–2 m high. A traditional approach to supporting climbing peas is to thrust branches pruned from trees or other woody plants upright into the soil, providing a lattice for the peas to climb. Branches used in this fashion are sometimes called pea brush. Metal fences, twine, or netting supported by a frame are used for the same purpose. In dense plantings, peas give each other some measure of mutual support.

There has been substantial research been done over the past 20 years in the development of semi-leafless peas, which do not have leaves on the tendrils, allowed peas to have greater resistance to lodging, and consequently higher yield under normal cropping conditions, than traditional leafed peas. However previous research has shown that when lodging is prevented, leafed pea can out-yield semi-leafless pea (Schouls and Langelaan, 1994).


Garden peas are distributed mainly for fresh picking. Several varieties are handled by us. PMR indicates some degree of powdery mildew resistance; afila types, also called semi-leafless, have clusters of tendrils instead of leaves. Unless otherwise noted these are so called dwarf varieties which grow to an average height of about 1m. Giving the vines support is recommended, but not required. Extra dwarf are suitable for container growing, reaching only about 25 cm. Tall varieties grow to about 2m with support required.

Vining / Garden Peas are solely grown on irrigated land. Our irrigation water is fed and maintained through several irrigation districts which operate several hundred kilometres of earth canals and water pipelines, as well as several reservoirs. This infrastructure is used to provide irrigation and domestic water for farming, industry, wildlife, and communities within the district's boundaries.


We handle varieties as per the table below. 

Spring is listed as a check variety, it is not available.

All other varieties are available on a first come first served bases.

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