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Pea shoots are the sprouts of green peas that are produced as a microgreen on tray flats or similar. These tender young "shoots"created from our pea seed, provide a delicious and nutritious edible sprout variety that can be eaten raw in salads or prepared much the same way you would any leafy green vegetable. Pea sprouts are typically germinated from field or garden peas, like snow pea or the sugar snap legume, as they produce a sweeter flavor.

The nutritional profile of pea sprouts, especially when freshly harvested, contains vitamins and minerals including folate and Vitamine A as well as chlorophyll and about 20% protein. A one cup serving contains about 50% of the daily value for Vitamine C, one of the highest next to broccoli sprouts.

The shoots have a delicious, nutty and distinct sweet pea-like flavor with a more concentrated amount of nutrients and enzymes available compared to most store-bought produce. They can be a great sprout to add to your arsenal of microgreen seeds. 

Currently we handle the variety of 4010 specifically for the sprouting market. However any pea can be used and our marrowfat varieties as well as all garden peas are also excellent for the sprouting makets and commonly used in different markets depending on preference.


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